Der unverwechselbare Metallknopf der Sattlerei Lindner Manufacture of the Saddlery Lindner
All manufactures of Saddlery Lindner, Germany, are hand crafted and designed made-to-measure. We buy or purchase no mass- or finished products.

Horse collars Our horse collars are filled with straw and are made of best leather. They are manufactured made-to-measure individually for every horse, so that the breathing of the horse is not impeded and pressure marks or bruises can't arise.

With a made-to-measure manufactured horse collar you can succeed most in pulling a horse coach and in the same time treat your horses the best way. Until today the horse collar is the best-established and proven harness for horses.
Brustblatt We manufacture anatomically best fitting Brustblattgeschirre for leasure-time coach guiding. All Brustblattgeschirre have the high-quality specialty to be manufactured and upholstered without seams!

Therefore they have a much longer life, because sweat of the horse can't force an entry into the leather. In the following, the leather cant't get rough and hard.
English harnesses We manufacture the English harnesses referring to traditional methods. They express a very elegant and stylish design.

The technique we use is "built on straw", not "filled with straw" horse collar with rye straw. The Kammdeckel-cushions are filled by hand with deer hair. The blinkers are individually fitted.
Working harnesses Working harnesses are used for leasure time coach driving, for wood manoevring and for professional horse coach driving. We manufacture them according to highest quality requirements to ensure long life.

Festive harnesses
Festive harnesses are used at festive processions and are decorated with lots of glamurous material and accessories. We serve your individual requirements the best way and support you with all technical abilities.
Presentation harnesses The presentation harnesses for breweries, performances on folk festivals, brewery festivals, for the Octoberfest, and for representative coach driving tours are splendid and marvellous unique pieces.

Almost all presentation harnesses of the breweries you see on Munich Octoberfest are manufactured by Saddlery Lindner.